Quick Guide to Buying Parts from Koromo Heritage

1. Spare Parts

We specialise in Reproduction Parts. But we also have OEM and NOS parts from time to time, which are also listed in our store When we have quality used parts we sell them via  Facebook Market Place - follow us on Facebook to receive updates of when these parts become available. Around 90% of our Reproduction Parts are Australian made Most of our Reproduction Parts are made to order

2. Back Orders

Back orders are available for some parts but not all, and this can change from time to time. Our check out will let you know if the part you are needing will go on back order.

3. Can't Find the Part You Need

We work closely with enuthusiasts to bring to market the parts they need Many of our parts have come to be by an owner sharing with us their parts to do our design work off Please use the Contact forms if you are able to assist Koromo Heritage by loaning a part.

4. Payment

We offer customers the choice of payment via EFT (bank transfer) or PayPal. Other options will be added over time. Western Union may also be used to make payment direct to our bank account.

5. Delivery

All purchases of listed items (exlcuding back order parts) have a lead time from receipt of payment to shipping of up to 28 days. Where public holidays are within this period the delivery period is extended to accomodate the public holidays. This is due to the fact that a lot of our parts are made to order.

6. Contact

We are not easily contacted by phone - we are a small and dedicated team focussed on making and shipping your parts. We do not have an AI bot replying to your messages, and when we get busy making parts it can take us a long time to reply. The contact forms on our website are the best option for making contact with us

Email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) is the second best option to make contact with us

We also use Messenger via our Facebook page as a third option