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T190 series Caldina (silver)
Owner: Benny Kay (prev), Photographer: Benny Kay, NZ


A20 series Celica (Orange with Black GT stripe)
Owner: Troy Barker, Photographer: Troy Barker

T200 series Celica (ST205 - Teal)
Owner: Desy Donnelly, Photographer: Desy Donnelly


E10 series Corolla (KE10 - White)
Owner: Nat Pepper, Photographer:Grass Roots Photography

E10 series Corolla (1969 KE17SL - White & Red)[Banner Pic]
Owner: Gary & Chris Hunt, Photographer: Alex Dunne (Rex Designs)

E30 series Corolla (KE35 Dark Blue)
Owner: Ayrton Richardson, Photographer; Ayrton Richardson

E30 series Corolla (KE35 race car, Blue)
Owner: Ayrton Richardson, Photographer: Scotty B Photography

E80 series Corolla (1985 AE86 - Gold)
Owner: Dara O'Donnell, Photographer: Daniel Halikas (Limited Slip Photography)


T40 T50 Series Corona (1968 RT40 - Virus)
Owner: Marty Miller (Sydney Soda Balsting), Photographer: Marty Miller

T80 series Corona (1971 RT81 - Butterscotch)
Owner: Raymond Tigani (Spot-on Tyres), Photographer: Raymond Tigani

T70 series Corona (RT72 - Silver)
Owner: Gavin Wulff, Photographer: Gavin Wulff

T110 series Corona (RT118 - White)
Owner: Gareth Jones (Perth Polishing and Protection)


S40 series Crown (1967 MS45B - Tasman Turquoise)
Owmer: Jason Borg, Photographer: Jason Borg

S60 series Crown (1974 MS65 SE - Yellow)
Owner: Colby Spencer, Photographer: Bec Nadler Photography



H20 series HiAce (1977 RH20V - Blue with Camper conversion)
Owner: John Fardell, Photographer: John Fardell


N50 series Hilux (1985 Toyota SR5 Xtra Cab 4x4 - McFly Back to the Future truck as used in the movies)
Owner: Bill Shea (Massachusetts, USA), Photographer: Shoot for Details (Joshua Sweeney)


J40 series Land Cruiser (1977 FJ40 - Mustard Yellow)
Owner: Emmanual Orby, Photographer:

J50 series Land Cruiser ( FJ55 - Blue 7 White)
Owner: Photographer: Lynda Tilden 2016

J60 series Land Cruiser (White with Yellow stripes)
Owner: Troy Barker, Photographer: Troy Barker


W10 series MR2 (1988 AW11, Red)
Owner: Matt Meares, Photographer: Matt Meares

W20 series MR2 (SW20, Black)
Owner: Danny Mohr, Photographer: Danny Mohr


Z20 Series Soarer (White)
Owner: Photographer: Daniel Halikas (Limited Slip Photography)


K40 series Stout (RK41, Beige)
Owner: Lance Heckathorn, Photographer: Lance Heckathorn


A80 Supra (Red)
Owner: Osvaldo, Photographer: Yanson Bonilla (