RN56 Hilux - where it all began

My Hilux_2_CopyDuring the late 1980's and into the early 1990's we owned our first business exporting used British car parts to Malaysia and Singapore.  For the business I needed a reliable work horse capable of carrying a good payload and basically something indestructible.

However, for many years like most Australian young males I had been supporting one of the local 'big three' manufacturers buying mostly Holden cars and Toyota were not really on my radar. By chance late one evening I was passing by a car sales yard in Campbelltown, and I noticed this Hilux ute in remarkable condition. A quick inspection revealed on the sales slip that the Hilux had only 22,000kms on the clock!

I promptly returned the next day to enquire some more about this great looking Hilux. She had been owned by Orange City Council and serviced on the dot for each and every servicing interval. Took her for a drive around the block and was immediately converted to Toyota. The long bed was immaculate inside too as it had only ever carried leaves, lawn clippings and garden rakes - and after each use was hand brush cleaned! 

We had the Hilux for a number of years. Our family situation changed and our business was also wound down. I sold the Hilux shortly after and have regretted selling her ever since...fond memories of my dog 'Buddy' riding in the back and the perfect fit with what we now do today says to me I should never have sold that Hilux.