Toyota Heritage's KE17 Sprinter - Group Nc Race Car

 MG_9141_1600This is where it all started for our business called Toyota Heritage - this KE17 was a 'complete' and road going purchase in 2010. Although complete, she was also in a sad state and needed restoration. An inability to source certain parts meant that the new owners had to get their own parts manufactured!

The owners had originally been considering an RT54 Corona (1600GT) but found these to be ineligible for historic touring car racing (Group Nc) in Australia. KE17's are eligible for historic racing due to the fact that Christine Gibson (nee Cole) had punted one around Warwick Farm in 1969. It was then an easy choice and the KE17 was purchased from the Blue Mountains Area in NSW and transported to Brisbane.

The car has largely been restored and race prepared by the great team at Road & Track in Ipswich QLD. All of the work done on the car is consistent with Group Nc rules and the car was log booked with CAMS in February 2014.

Owners, Gary and his son Chris have had the KE17 on the track a number of times now and pics are a plenty on the 'TH' face book page.