Spare parts suitable for Toyota Camry V10 Series

NOS and reproduction spare parts suitable for Toyota Camry V10 series first generation models built from 1982 to 1986

Bonnet (Hood) Support Rod Clamp suitable for various Toyota models (TH0460)

Toyota bonnet (hood) support rod clamp to suit various Toyota models - Aurion, Camry, Corolla, Hilux, Land Cruiser, Prado, Starlet, Carina, Surf, 4Runner and Corona

These clamps a fit to a 14mm hole size, have a clamp size that holds rod diameter of up to 8mm and are a plastic push in clip used to hold the support rod when the bonnet (hood) is closed.

Can be purchased in packs of 1, 5 or 10 pieces - use the drop down menu.

Suits the following models:

Toyota Aurion / Toyota Camry

  • CV10, CV11, SV10, SV11, SV12
  • MCV20, MCV21, SXV20, SXV23, SXV25
  • MCV36, ACV36
  • ACV40, ACV41, ACV45, AHV40, AHV41, ASV40 and GSV40

Toyota Celica

  • TA40, TA41, TA42, TA45, TA46, TA47, RA40, RA42, RA43, RA45, RA46, RA55
  • AA63, TA60, TA61, TA62, TA63, TA64, SA60, SA63, RA60, RA61, RA64, RA65
  • AT160, ST160, ST161, ST162, ST163, ST165
  • AT180, ST182, ST183, ST184, ST185
  • AT200, ST202, ST203, ST204, ST205
  • ZZT230 and ZZT231 

Toyota Corona

  • RT100, RT104, RT105, RT106, RT108, RT109, RT110, RT111, RT112, RT118, RT119, RT122, TT121, TT125, TT126
  • RT130, TT130, XT130, TT131, RT131, TT132, RT132, RT133, RT 134, RT135, RT137V, TT138V
  • AT140, ST140, TT140, AT141, RT141, ST141, TT141, RT142, TT142, KT147V, TT147V
  • T160, T170, T190 series
  • T200, T210, T220 series

Toyota Cressida

  • RX37V, RX30, RX32, RX35, TX30, MX30, MX32, MX35, MX36,MX40, MX41, MX45
  • X60, X70 and X80 series

Toyota Carina

  • A10, A40, A60 series
  • T150, T160, T170, T180, T200 and T210 series

Toyota Corolla

  • KE30, KE35, KE38, KE55, TE55, TE37
  • KE70, KE73G, KE71V, KE72V, KE74V, AE70, TE73V, TE71, TE70, TE72, CE70, CE71V
  •  AE80, EE80, AE81 AE85, AE82, AE86, CE80
  • AE90, AE92, AE93, AE94, AE95, AE96
  • AE101, AE111, AE112
  • ZRE120
  • AZE141, CE140, NZE141, ZRE141, ZRE142, ZRE143, ZZE142
  • ADE150, NDE150, NRE150, ZRE151, ZRE152, ZRE153
  • ZRE172, ZRE173
  • NDE180, NRE180, ZRE181, ZRE182 and ZWE182

Toyota Hilux / SURF / 4Runner

  • RN10, RN15
  • RN20, RN25
  • RN30, RN35, RN40, RN45
  • RN50, RN60, YN60, LN60, RN70, YN70, LN70
  • N80, N90, N100, N110 series
  • N120 series
  • N130 series
  • N140 series

Toyota Land Cruiser 

  • FJ40, FJ41, FJ42, FJ43, FJ44, FJ45, FJ46, FJ47, BJ40, BJ41, BJ42, BJ43, BJ44, BJ45, BJ46, BJ47, HJ40, HJ41, HJ42, HJ43, HJ44, HJ45, HJ46, HJ47
  • FJ55, FJ55G, FJ55V, FJ56
  • FJ60, FJ62, FJ62G, FJ62RG, BJ60, HJ60, HJ61
  • FJ80, HDJ80, HDJ81, HZJ80, HZJ81, FZJ80
  • HZJ105, FZJ105, FZJ100, UZJ100, HDJ1001, HDJ1002.

Toyota Prado

  • J90, J120 and J150 series

Toyota Starlet

  • KP60, KP61, KP62
  • P70, P80 and P90 series

Our clips are European made and are well fitting suited to restorers and repairers.

Shipping worldwide weekly - no problems for overseas buyers.


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Moulded Carpet suitable for Toyota Camry V10 series

Front and rear moulded floor carpet for your first generation V10 series Toyota Camry.

Suited to all Toyota Camry built between 1982 to 1986 including SV10 SV11 SV12 CV10 and CV11 our moulded carpets are well fitting and made in Australia to the highest quality and replaces OEM carpets nicely.

Available in loop or plush pile and fourteen different colours. Just use the drop down menus to select pile and colour.

Can be selected as RHD or LHD also using the drop down menus.

NOTE: Colour swatches shown are on plush pile carpet and may differ slightly on loop.

Complete your 'first gen' Toyota Camry project in style - whether its a retro-ride, daily driver or restoration project.

Shipping worldwide weekly - no problems for overseas buyers.


NOTE! This item is Made To Order
* Carpet Colour:

* Carpet Pile:

* Driver Side: