Spare parts suitable for Toyota Crown S60 S70 Series

NOS and reproduction spare parts suitable for Toyota Crown S60 and S70 series fourth generation models built from 1971 to 1974

5R Engine Valve Clearance Decal suitable for Toyota Crown Stout ToyoAce Coaster and Dyna

Reproduction valve clearance decal for Toyota models with 5R engines.

Suits models with 5R engines as follows:

  • Toyota Crown RS50, RS51, RS53, RS56
  • Toyota Crown RS60, RS66V
  • Toyota Stout RK101 
  • Toyota ToyoAce RY20
  • Toyota Coaster RU18, RU19 (1969 - 1977)
  • Toyota Dyna RU10, RU20, RU30

These decals were fitted to the side of the rocker cover from the factory and provided data for valve clearances.

Our reproduction part is exacting in every detail. 

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