Spare parts suitable for Toyota Soarer Z40 Series

NOS and reproduction spare parts suitable for Toyota Soarer Z40 fourth generation models from 2001 to 2005

10mm Interior Clip Pack suitable for various Toyota models (0335)

Toyota scrivet mounting clip pack to suit various Toyota models - Corolla, Carina, Corona, Caldina, Hilux, Soarer and  MR2.

These clips have a 13mm top head, 16mm centre head and 18mm collar diameter, 11mm stem length and fit to a 10mm hole are a plastic push in trim clips used to fasten door trim cards, boot lining panels, console trims, rear door trims, tailgate trims, pillar trim, roof lining edge trims.

Can be purchased in packs of 10 or 20 - use the drop down menu.

Suits the following models:

Toyota MR2

  • SW20 and SW21

 Toyota Corolla

  • AE91, AE92, AE95, CE90 and EE90

Toyota Caldina

  • AT191, CT190, ST190, ST191 and ST195

Toyota Carina

  • AT190, AT191, CT190 and ST191

Toyota Corona

  • ST191

Toyota Hilux

  • LN50, LN51, LN55, LN56, RN55, YN51, YN56
  • LN60, LN61, LN65, RN61, RN66, YN60, YN61G, YN61V, YN65
  • LN80, LN81, LN85, LN86, RN80, RN85, VZN85, YN80, YN81, YN85, YN86, YN87
  • LN90, LN91, RN90, VZN90, VZN95, YN90, YN92
  • LN100, LN105, LN106, LN107, RN101, RN105, RN106, VZN100, VZN105, YN100, YN106
  • LN110, LN111, RN110, VZN110, YN110
  • LN200, LN205 and RZN200

Toyota Soarer 

  • UZZ40

Our clips are European made and are well fitting suited to restorers and repairers.

Shipping worldwide weekly - no problems for overseas buyers.


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